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Billy Joel - Streetlife Serenade (2015) SACD-R
Artist: Billy Joel | Album: Streetlife Serenade | Released: 2015 | Quality: SACD-R ( DST 4.0, DST 2.0) | Bitrate: 1 Bit/2.8MHz ) | Label: Audio Fidelity | Catalog #: AFZ5 207 | Genre: Pop, Rock

This was the last album that Billy Joel recorded with the singer-songwriter style. Most of the compositions look back intimately at Joel's life. The album has great arrangements and rhythms and lyrics that tell a story with feeling and hints that he had enough with California, enough with the music industry, enough with being a sensitive artist. It was time for Billy to say goodbye to Hollywood and head back home to New York.


01. Streetlife Serenader (05:19)
02. Los Angelenos (03:42)
03. The Great Suburban Showdown (03:46)
04. Root Beer Rag (03:03))
05. Roberta (04:35)
06. The Entertainer (03:41))
07. Last of the Big Time Spenders (04:36)
08. Weekend Song (03:31))
09. Souvenir (02:01)
10. The Mexican Connection (03:41)

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