Surround sound VA- Surround Sound For The Millennium (2000) DTS 5.1 music download


VA- Surround Sound For The Millennium (2000) DTS 5.1
Artist: VA | Album: Surround Sound For The Millennium | Released: 2000 | Quality: DTS 5.1 ( .wav+.cue, 44.1kHz/20Bit ) | Label: HDS | Genre: Compilation, Soundtrack

If you love surround sound, and we assume you do if you're buying DTS items. This great piece was produced just to blow you away so to speak. "WARNING: TURN YOUR VOLUME DOWN, SO YOU DON'T BLOW A SPEAKER."
This is a new DTS Surround Sound CD sealed in the original jewel case. This CD is in the DTS 5.1 format and you must have a DTS decoder or preamp to play this CD.


01. Wedding Party
02. Tennis Match
03. Auto Stunt/Crowd
04. Canadian Pacific Railroad
05. West Mt. Ice Storm
06. Buckhorn Creek
07. Steam Locomotive No. 765
08. Expo 86 Fireworks
09. NASA Shuttle Launch
10. NASA Shuttle Launch - (Add SR-71 Flyover - Add Sonic Booms)
11. Reno Air Races Flyovers
12. Survivor, The - Joey Curtin
13. Gospel Beginnings - Percussion 90 WVU
14. African Beat - West Africans WVU
15. El Camino Real - Wind Symphony WVU
16. Kung Fu - THe Mystic Moods
17. Ride The Sky - The Mystic Moods
18. Otchestra Tune-Up
19. Sibelius: Karelia Suite Op. 11
20. F-16's Takeoffs

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